Product care

Bianchi e Nardi’s bags have always been synonymous with fine skins. Each bag is manufactured by hand according to the hand-crafted tradition, resulting in a piece that is simply unique. It is therefore beneficial to protect and care for your handbag by observing some simple tips to preserve the unique characteristics of each item.

Natural Ageing

Bianchi e Nardi’s bag is made exclusively from natural skins and therefore will be subject to a natural ageing process.

Daily prevention from scratching

It is worthwhile paying attention to surfaces that may scratch the material of the bag, thus damaging the appearance.

Shape preservation

It is important to avoid storing objects inside the bag that might degrade its shape, causing damage to not only the aesthetic but also the functional nature of the bag.

Storing the bag

When not in use, the bag must be placed in its own dust bag in a clean, dry place. It is necessary to take care that it is not crushed against other objects.

Extreme temperatures

Do not expose your bag to extreme heat. Prolonged exposure to sunlight, direct sources of heat or lighting can also be extremely risky. Similarly, excessively low temperatures can damage the natural structure of the leather fibres.